Fantastic Desserts and Where to Find Them

Warning: this post contains lots of ‘foodporns’ and will arouse your desire to eat! 

Last time when someone asked me to name one guilty pleasure, I answered without thinking: “eating lots of desserts!” I probably have 32 sweet teeth and I do crave for desserts often. However, I only allow myself to indulge in sweets once or twice a week because I don’t want all the workouts to be wasted… Being an adult, it is important to control yourself, right? Just want to share some of my favorite dessert items found in Toronto, hope you enjoy them as much as I do ❤ 

1: Yogurt Mousse Cake from Byblos

The yogurt mousse from Byblos is probably my favorite dessert so far. It’s a Pistachio Cake + Orange Blossom Water + Pomegranate Molasses, topped with light Persian cotton candy. Not too sweet, and the orange blossom water adds a refreshing taste to the dessert. HEAVENLY!

2: Eva’s Original Chimneys


I remembered waiting for over 50 mins for a chimney cone with soft serve at Evergreen Brick Works before they FINALLY opened up the store on Bloor st. I must say it was totally worth the wait, the  hype and the praise. They offer a variety of flavors but I prefer the original. Freshly baked chimney cakes coated with cinnamon sugar, real-cream soft serve ice cream, what else can I ask for? I wish that they will maintain the high quality at the newly opened flagship store.

By the way, I’ve tried several ones in Czech Republic, which is closer to the place of origin of Kürtöskalács (chimney cakes in Hungarian), Eva’s still can’t be beat, lucky Torontonians!

3:Apple Tarte with Calvados Sabayon from Chabrol


I’m a big fan of any kind of puff pastry. I mean, how can anything not be good when it’s made from layers of butter and sugar? Highly recommend this apple tarte from Chabrol: warm, flaky, baked to order. It already looks tempting by itself. When you’re ready to record the moment with Snapchat/Instagram etc., the server pours the rich calvados sabayon over the tarte. It is just so delicious and satisfying, especially during Toronto’s brutal winter days…

4:Eclaris from NUGATEAU


Eaten in a flash. I quite liked the CARAMEL BEURRE SALÉ eclair from Nugateau. It contains caramel filling with sea salt, rich yet not overly sweet. And topped with crunchy salted caramel pearls which make the texture more interesting.

5: Petit Nuage

A tiny little shop located/hidden at Alexandre Park on Dundas st. west, the space merely allows 3-4 people to stand, but the desserts are surprisingly good.

Matcha cream puffs filled with rich match cream. One can tell that the quality of the matcha powder is really good.

Earl grey roll cake, light, moist, ON POINT.

6: Basque-style cheesecake from Bar Raval

The interior of Bar Raval reminds me of the magnificent architectures in Barcelona.

The Basque-style cheesecake is to die for…no kidding. It’s not like any traditional NY or Japanese style cheesecake. It is baked at a very high temperature so that the outer layer crusts, yet the center remains moist. A MUST!

7: Korean Pancakes from Hodo Kwaja

Although Hodo Kwaja is famous for their Walnut Cakes, I personally prefer its Korean Pancakes with brown sugar. I would always have one when I go for groceries around that area. These brown sugar pancakes are filled with brown sugar (of course), walnuts and cinnamon. The pancake itself is a bit springy and matches perfectly with the filling. The filling just melts when the pancake is hot. Perfect for a cold day! Cheap and very satisfying!

8:Roselle Desserts

Roselle, a cute pastry shop near Distillery District, offers a wide range of French-inspired desserts and they come up with new items regularly. I’ve tried different items from the shop and was never disappointed. The Earl grey cake shown above, for example, is so harmoniously incorporated with white chocolate, chocolate ganache, orange zest and earl grey cake at bottom. You can’t go wrong really.

9:Panna Cotta from Buca Yorkville

Nice presentation, decorated with meringues and grapes.

Not your average panna cotta…Surprise inside: grape preserves. I really liked the combination of the creamy and fruity tastes.

10: Thai Me Up from Arctic Bites

Thai style ice cream rolls store. If you are a big fan of Thai iced tea like me, definitely try their Thai Me Up. It is rich, creamy and contains real tea leaves. Yummy.

11: Bang Bang Ice Cream

A very popular ice cream shop. My favorite: london fog ice cream in HK waffle. Try it and you won’t regret.

12:Roll cakes from Neo Coffee Bar  

Moist and spongy roll cakes are delicious. Service needs improvement though..

13:Miso Ice Cream from Hanmoto

Yes it is a Japanese Izakaya.

The sweet miso ice cream is the bomb. 

Rich and creamy miso ice cream topped with savory nori (roasted seaweed) powder and crunchy rice balls, loved it, although it may not be for everyone, still worth a try. How can you say no to such an interesting combination?

14: Almond Croissant from Sorry Coffee Co. /Delysèes

You may argue that almond croissants are not desserts, but I usually eat them for desserts…

The almond croissants from Sorry Coffee Co. (my favorite coffee spot too) are actually from Delysèes French bakery, according to the staff. They’re the BEST almond croissants I’ve ever had! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

15: Chocolates Brandon Olsen

Too beautiful…Loved the orange blossom, yuzu, salted caramel, cinnamon brown butter flavors.

Treat yourselves once in a while

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