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super tender sweet & sour chicken

Many friends of mine have started ‘eating clean’ after all those feasts during Chinese New Year holidays. Well I think it is totally fine to indulge once in a while. Life will be so tiresome without treating yourself. I’d like to stick to the 20/80 rule: living a life 20% indulgent and 80% healthy.

Chicken breast is an ideal source of protein, especially for people working on their fitness. This recipe includes a trick that will make the chicken SUPER tender. This sweet and sour chicken dish is healthy, flavorful. It’s something you can indulge without guilt.

Ingredients (serves one):

  • 100 g chicken breast
  • 1 tbs cornstarch
  • 1 tbs ketchup
  • 1 tbs soy sauce
  • 3-5 g honey
  • minced garlic, pepper to taste


  1. Cut chicken breast into bite size pieces, pat dry with a piece of paper towel, add cornstarch and pepper.
  2. coat each piece of chicken evenly with cornstarch, this trick makes the chicken really tender
  3. to make the sweet and sour sauce, combine soy sauce. ketchup, minced garlic and honey.
  4. Add about 50 ml water, combine well.
  5. heat oil in a non-stick pan (I used about 1/2 tsb oil), add chicken and cook over medium heat
  6. turn over the chicken occasionally, cook until it turns into golden color(at this point the chicken should be almost fully cooked, you can check by poking with a fork)
  7. Pour in the sweet and sour sauce
  8. make sure the pieces are covered with sauce evenly
  9. cook until the sauce is thickened

Serve with shredded cabbages if desire.

Top with chopped scallions and enjoy!

This easy chicken dish matches perfectly with rice.

The chicken is flavorful and super tender. Simply serve with rice and dig in!

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